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George F Quail

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12:37 pm: Quick Status Update
Like Ailsa I have written much here in a while, so let's quickly touch on some key stuff:
  • I've had a few job interviews: two in the past week, in fact.  Even though there's been a few "no thanks" so far I do feel good about getting interviews. I've been offered a few days of temp work next week, so that's something.
  • I went along to ICW again: it remains a great laugh.  The first couple of matches didn't quite work for some reason - the atmosphere just wasn't there - but it picked up after that and the last two matches were truly awesome.  Duncan came along and enjoyed it a lot, plus I gave Lorraine a laugh in my "SPANK ME LOLITA" T-Shirt.
  • We ran Time & Temp as a one-off and have now started Pendragon.  Molly will be joining Dave, Raj and Ailsa in this game though I could probably still do with an extra player.  Our first two sessions ahve been fun, getting back into the swing of things.
  • Ailsa and I cat-sitted last weekend.  Lorraine and Michael (our wrestling chums) were away to Blackpool and asked us to look after their flat and their four cats - two of whom are 15 year old cat pensioners.  Their flat is the centre of town so we basically just stayed there for a few days.  I've always been fond of animals and it was nice to have them about: but Ailsa really enjoyed it. 
  • I'm doing some more painting and modelling of Warhammer stuff.  I now have a jet-pack unit and bike unit painted up, as well as a scratch-built troop transport - just with some cardboard, PVA glue and templates I put together a decent looking Rhino substitute.  As a child I associated attempting to paint figures with negative memories but I'm really getting into my painting now, even though I remain merely "passable" at it.
  • I've also got back into playing, and have won the last two games I played: one was a two-vs-two game with 1500 points each, the other was a triple-threat 1750 point game.  I definitely find I'm doing better now, partly because of higher point values and partly because of a better familiarity with my troops.
  • Our landlady has told us she's selling the flat and we'll need to get out by 13th November.  Job-hunting and flat-hunting is a bit too much excitement but to give her credit she's given us more notice than the contract requires and she did call me up last night to tell me this was likely - she's moving down south which is where she's been working more and more recently.


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Date:September 14th, 2012 08:57 pm (UTC)
Best wishes, on the flat front and the job front.
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Date:September 15th, 2012 12:41 am (UTC)
Well done for getting the interviews, and best of luck with getting a new job soon. Ditto the flat hunting.

Doing something creative is really great for your health, I think. Getting into playing the ukulele again has been really helpful for me settling into Dumfries and really opened up my mind to doing some other projects. Also, I can sing in tune again, which is a really good sign.

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