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George F Quail

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08:57 pm: Early To Rise
Since I last posted I have started a temp job.  This is a comparatively long-term temp job: I've been there a month now and all signs indicate I'll be there at least another month.  It's in Bishopbriggs which is very awkward to get to by public transport: by car it'd be 20 minutes but by public transport I'm 90 minutes from door to door.  This is a pest but not insurmountable and of course it's a job, with money and references and all that stuff.  I started working 40 hours a week and am now down to 30, but that's still a much better deal than being on the dole.

However, the biggest issue has been the hours.  The place of work is a delivery company and the standard hours are 0730 to 1600.  Now I'm on 30 hours a week it's a 0930 start which is a bit better, but getting to work at first involved waking up 0530.  I was having to head to bed at 2200 or so and even then I was in a pretty zombified state - there wasn't a week when I didn't spend at least one day after work entirely in bed, unable to do much of anything.  I wasn't getting chores done, let alone much fun - and to make matters worse, the need to move flat means that my non-chore-doing was even more alarming.  Flats need viewed; stuff needs boxed up or chucked; and after dinner I feel as though it's 3am.

Thankfully things are better with the new hours.  Alas, there's still the issue of flat viewing.  Ailsa and I have given up one one bedroom flats - modern flats of that description tend to be very clearly single-person things with no storage space, no dining table and basically no use for us.  We viewed a lovely flat that we were going to take but, alas, the timing meant we had to check something with our current landlady and by the time we got back to the letting agent it had already gone.  We're viewing another flat tomorrow that Ailsa has already seen and we'll likely take it.

I've not done much at all in the way of recreation lately so the 40K figures have sat most of a month with no new progress.  I really want to get more Chaos Space Marine stuff done: especially now there's a new improved codex out - but I just haven't had the time.  I have still had time for Pendragon, though, which seems to be going fine: Molly has joined us for that game, as has Charles from my 40K group.  We'll see how that progresses.

I am selling off various bits and bobs on eBay as well as charity-shopping & chucking things out.  It's surprising what is and isn't selling on eBay - my Game Boy player has proven surprisingly valuable.  :-)


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Date:October 12th, 2012 06:44 pm (UTC)
Is it the flat that we were discussing on Wednesday that has fallen through? If so, then that's a shame as you both sounded quite enthused about it. Best of luck with the other one.
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Date:October 13th, 2012 01:57 pm (UTC)
That's unfortunate about the hours, hopefully you'll get something better. Where's the new flat?
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