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George F Quail

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05:41 pm: As I Was Saying Before I Saw So Rudely Interrupted...
We finally have the internet at our flat! YAY!

Explosive gas and deadly electricity was fitted with a few days notice but its taken months to get a bloody phone line in. Our line is with TalkTalk but the flat required a physical visit from BTOpenreach, appointments for whom have a month lead time. On their first visit the engineer was unable to complete the task due to vandalism of the exchange. This fault, outside of my control, required them to go away and come back.... so they booked another appointment with their normal lead time, i.e. more than a month as it was over Christmas.

Our smartphones have allowed us some limited internet access but it's really not been ideal: I've basically ignored LJ, for example, and could only really skim Facebook and my emails. Arranging some things have proven a real chore - dealing with Facebook events on the Android app isn't ideal, and something as mundane as going to the cinema is a lot harder when you're used to instant information on your phone.

Do I have anything important to advise? Bookface has covered many of the basics: My job has been made permanent at Benchmark Hillington; Ailsa's birthday, Christmas and my birthday were enjoyable; I've been painting 40K figures again and planning on getting a gaming table for our spare room; Pendragon continues on and reaches it's last session of this block tomorrow.

Any important questions to ask me of the past couple of months?


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Date:January 24th, 2013 05:54 pm (UTC)
Welcome back to civilisation! Really, the thing with Internet installation lead time really is not on when the Internet is so important to modern life. I wonder if it's worth making a formal complaint to TalkTalk about the long lead time for something that wasn't your fault. If you don't hear anything back, maybe escalate to OfCom?

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Date:January 24th, 2013 06:32 pm (UTC)
Welcome back--and good to hear about your job!
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